MouseAir Redesign in Progress

MouseAir Redesign

We are working away on designing and building Version 2 of MouseAir.  Following is the latest block diagram.

MouseAir Raspberry Pi

MouseAir Version 2.0 Block Diagram


The goals for the redesign are:

  • Reduced Cost – eliminate unnecessary parts and reduce cost of current parts
  • Single Power Supply – original design had two 5V supplies and one 12V supply
  • Improved Reliability – Mouse loading was only about 50% effective.  Cat detection was about 30% from the RFID and too short range for effective detection (requiring strategically placed treats to trigger – We will be publishing that video!).

Main Redesign

There are four main things we are working on:

  • New Mouse Loading Mechanism – The current drop mechanism is unreliable, large and requires two servo motors.  We want a more visual reliable mechanism.  Current thoughts are a 45 degree channel with a one servo motor loading mechanism.  Below is a picture of the current mechanism.  Check out the launch video.
    MouseAir Fully Loaded with Mice

    MouseAir Fully Loaded with Mice

    MouseAir Loader

    MouseAir Mouse Loading Tube

  • New Case – We are 3D printing a case for MouseAir.  We are really tired of cutting foam and wood for cases.  We just started this project.  We will post pictures when we get there.




  • Removal of the RFID
    MouseAir Loaded

    MouseAir Locked and Loaded

    sensors –   Even with a custom antenna, the range is too short.  Another problem is that the chip implanted in the cat (cat seen below) requires a 125KHz RFID system but is one of three possibly standards in the US, which ca not be read by our 125KHz RFID system.

  • MouseAir PC Board – We want to simplify the wiring between units.  We also want the relays on the same board as the I2C bus.

See issue 5 of Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine for the full article on MouseAir Version 1.0.

Finally, below is a picture of the Cat (Panther) and one of his biggest fans.


Cat, Mouse and Biggest Fan

Cat, Mouse and Biggest Fan


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Dr. John C. Shovic is currently Managing Partner of SwitchDoc Labs, LLC and Chief Technical Officer of InstiComm, LLC, a company specializing in mobile medical software solutions for health practitioners. He has worked in industry for over thirty years and has founded multiple companies: Advance Hardware Architectures, TriGeo Network Security, Blue Water Technologies, InstiComm, LLC, and bankCDA. He has also served as a Professor of Computer Science at Eastern Washington University, Washington State University and the University of Idaho. Dr. Shovic has given over 55 invited talks and has published over 35 papers on a variety of topics on HIPAA, GLB, computer security, computer forensics, embedded systems and others.
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