Grove 128×64 I2C OLED Board-Arduino/ Raspberry Pi ($14.45)0070G

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This is an inexpensive I2C OLED display using Grove Connectors for the Arduino / Raspberry Pi / ESP8266


Grove OLED display at work with Raspberry Pi and SunTracker

This product is a very flexible Grove 4 Pin Connector I2C OLED module. This display is a 128×64 OLED, with each pixel being turned on or off by the SSD1306 controller chip included in the module. You can display fonts, graphics and even animations with this crisp, high contrast display.

What are Grove Connectors?

Grove Connectors are standardized easy to connect and use cables for prototyping devices.   See the SwitchDoc tutorial on Grove Connectors.

This product was designed specifically for the new SwitchDoc Labs kickstarter, OurWeather:

IMG_7672 3This breakout is designed to be used with a Grove I2C Connector. The design is completely 3.3V/5V-ready, with an onboard regulator and built in boost converter.

Connects to ESP8266, Arduino or Raspberry Pi controllers with no level shifters required. No Grove Cable included.IMG_7671 3

No external reset pin is required. We have a power-on reset circuit on board.

The board is trivial to connect up to your system.   Plug it into a 5V or 3.3V Grove connector on your Raspberry Pi, Arduino or ESP8266 and you are ready to go.


The I2C address used is 0x3C (not 0x3D as some other displays).


The SSD1306 specification can be downloaded here.

Software Drivers

Raspberry Pi:    SDL_Pi_SSD1306

Arduino:   SDL_Arduino_SSD1306

ESP8266:  SDL_ESP8266_SSD1306


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