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What is WeatherPi?

Note:   A newer version of this project is available.   See the GroveWeatherPi.

Weather Pi is the SwitchDoc Labs Solar Powered Raspberry Pi WeatherIMG_3171 Station.   The design has been released as a SwitchDoc Appnote, an Instructable and a series of posts on

WeatherPi is a solar powered Raspberry Pi WiFi connected weather station designed for Makers by SwitchDoc Labs. This is a great system to build and tinker with. All of it is modifiable and all source code is included. The most important functions are:

  • Senses 20 different environmental values
  • Completely Solar Powered
  • Has a full database containing history of the environment (MySQL)
  • Monitors and reports lots of data on the solar powered system – great for education!
  • Self contained and monitored for brownouts and power issues
  • Can be modified remotely
  • Download your data to crunch it on your PC
  • Can be modified to do SMS (Text) messaging, Twitters, webpages and more
  • Has an iPad Based Control Panel
  • Easy to connect to CWOP, Twitter, WeatherUnderground, etc

Blog Postings

Latest SwitchDoc Blog on WeatherPi is WeatherPi Power System Performance.

All Blogs on WeatherPi are here.

Articles on WeatherPi


SwitchDoc Labs has published three Instructables about the WeatherPi.

Build your own Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Weather StationIMG_3400 center






Add a Lightning Detector to your Raspberry Pi Weather Station





Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.41.42 PM

Join the IOT with your Raspberry Pi Weather Station with CWOP




Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine

rpg_us_07-2014_1Raspberry Pi Geek Issue 7 – Connecting a Weather Station to your Arduino





rpg_12_shop_image_usRaspberry Pi Geek Issue 12 – Protect your Electronics from Lightning Strikes




Block Diagram For WeatherPi




WeatherPi Base Unit




WeatherRack Sensors


How is Weather Pi Working?

In a word.  Beautifully!  From the RasPiConnect graphs below (the graphs are generated on the Raspberry Pi using MatPlotLib).  You can see the charging cycle of the battery in the second screen and the various directions of current into the battery in the first screen.

On April 26, 2015, we put the WeatherPi WiFi Solar Power Weather Station out in the weather.  Today we are collecting the data from RasPiConnect and are presenting the graphs and screens below.  The glitch at the end of the graph is when we carried the unit inside to check out the operation and what was going on with the WiFi dongle.


Current Measurements on WeatherPi


Voltage Display on WeatherPi

Updated Parts List (May 5, 2015)

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